Integrated Water Fund in Lima, Peru

Posted Date: 1/10/2013

K&A is co-leading an effort with Forest Trends and EcoDecision to establish a program framework for evaluating and cost-effectively implementing water resource projects undertaken by a water fund (AQUAFONDO) in Lima, Peru. The water fund is designed as a Payment for Watershed Services (PWS) program to fund projects that address both water quality and quantity issues in river basins providing water to Lima. The City of Lima and Peru's national water regulation agency (SUNASS) have recently committed annual, multimillion dollar financial backing for upper watershed green infrastructure projects, adding to the fund's capacity to support efforts that will help stabilize the City's water supply between rainy and dry seasons.

K&A has assisted the project team with identifying common project goals and quantifiable metrics for assessing costs and benefits of various water quality and water quantity improvement projects being considered. A preliminary operating framework also has been designed by K&A and is now being tested with example projects.

One example of projects reviewed and recommended for implementation by K&A is the restoration of pre-Incan canals called "amunas" that direct water onto terraced areas in the mountains. These upstream aqueducts divert rainy season waters and allow them to slowly percolate down to the City, so the water arrives via natural springs during the dry season.

For more information, please see the Project Summary.

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