K&A and WMU Complete Stormwater Project

Posted Date: 11/11/2011
K&A has been working with WMU and the Forum of Greater Kalamazoo on a number of stormwater treatment projects in the Arcadia Creek watershed.  Construction on this latest project along Stadium Drive began in September and was completed at the beginning of November.  (Click here for before and after pictures of the project site).  Once vegetation is fully established, the project will correct erosion and runoff issues along this stretch of Arcadia Creek.  Prior to construction, sediment and phosphorus from erosion and runoff in this section of Arcadia Creek was transported to the Kalamazoo River.  With the improvements along this stretch, stormwater will be allowed to infiltrate into the ground rather than running directly into Arcadia Creek.

More information on these efforts can found at mlive.com.
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