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As issues surrounding stormwater permitting and rulemaking continue to garner attention nationwide, K&A is working with and partnering with a number of clients to conduct stormwater studies and implement projects that reduce the affects of stormwater on the environment. We have worked with and continue to assist municipalities, drain commissioners, educational institutions, communities, developers, and non-profit organizations with their stormwater management needs.

K&A Experience

Western Michigan University
K&A has been assisting WMU on a variety of water resource issues for more than a decade. K&A has provided technical assistance on numerous stormwater BMPs and low impact development (LID) projects. K&A prepared a TMDL compliance plan to evaluate environmental benefits to the campus, such as stormwater loading and volume reduction. A metric tracking system was put in place to plan for future improvement assisting WMU with becoming the first MS4 to meet their Stormwater Neutral® goal.
Project Summary


Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeKVCC Infiltration Basin
An EPA Section 319 Grant awarded in 2001 provided funding for a stormwater treatment project to eliminate stormwater runoff associated with a single, remaining untreated outfall to the West Fork Portage Creek. K&A provided engineering and design services for this project.  They also assisted with grant acquisition. The benefits from this project included stormwater treatment of 92 ac-ft/yr, native vegetation covering approximately four acres, over 6,000 native plants and shrubs, permanent educational signage, educational curriculum development, elimination of the MS4 permit, and compliance with TMDL goals. KVCC has since continued their efforts to become the second Stormwater Neutral® verified MS4 in the area in 2016.
Project Summary

Michigan State University
In 2001, MSU expanded its 36-acre Commuter Lot #89, making it the largest commuter parking lot in the county. Working with URS Corportation, designers of the parking lot, K&A designed an innovative stormwater treatment process for this site. The result was an in-line treatment system of successive BMPs with treatment discharge waters incorporated into wetland enhancement creating multiple habitats and increased diversity. The system resulted in the elimination of all previous stormwater discharges from the original lot to the impaired Red Cedar River with a capacity to detain back-to-back 10-year storms.
Project Summary

City of Portage, Michigan
K&A initially conducted a feasibility study that ultimately led to their design and oversight of a $4.7 million regional stormwater treatment system know as the Consolidated Drain Project in the City of Portage. This 25-acre regional stormwater treatment system serves over 463 acres of a highly commercialized urban core. The system includes several acres of wet detention, constructed wetlands, public trailways, educational features, and habitat enhancements to improve water quality and fisheries of the upper Portage Creek, a designated cold-water trout stream.
Project Summary



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-K&A received MDEQ recognition for work within the local Arcadia Creek Watershed
- Work moving forward on Pollinator Project
- K&A Staff sought out for Stormwater Expertise
- K&A to contribute to efforts to improve water quality for Lake Erie
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- KVCC continues pursuit of K&A Stormwater Neutral Status
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