Lake Management

Kieser & Associates has been finding solutions to lake and watershed challenges for over 25 years.  We do more than treat the symptoms, we take a holistic, comprehensive approach to lake management in order to identify the root causes of lake problems.  This leads to cost-effective and pragmatic environmental solutions.  We have experience in a number of lake management specialties.

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Agricultural and urban stormwater management
  • Aquatic plant surveys, mapping and management
  • Natural shoreline "lakescaping" [brochure | workshop]
  • Grant writing and partnering assistance
  • Lake level augmentation studies
  • US EPA-approved watershed management plans
  • Dredging feasibility studies
  • Wetlands evaluations and restorations
  • Stream habitat restoration

Call us today at (269) 344-7117 for a lake consultation.

- K&A partners with Kalamazoo Valley Community College on new stormwater project
-Brian Boyer to serve 2nd year on the WEF National MS4 Award Selection Committee
- Mark Kieser appointed to Earth & Water Group's Advisory Board
-K&A received MDEQ recognition for work within the local Arcadia Creek Watershed
- Work moving forward on Pollinator Project
- K&A Staff sought out for Stormwater Expertise
- K&A to contribute to efforts to improve water quality for Lake Erie
- K&A partners to support Iowa League of Cities on new 3 year grant
- Now Available! Use of Economic Instruments in Water Policy
- KVCC continues pursuit of K&A Stormwater Neutral Status
- K&A Ag Water Management Work Featured
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