Lake, Wetland, & Watershed Management

K&A takes a comprehensive approach to lake, wetland, and watershed management solutions by identifying the root causes of lake and watershed problems, leading to cost-effective and pragmatic environmental solutions, with services including LakeScan™ aquatic vegetation surveys, in-depth water quality monitoring, invasive species biocontrols, natural shoreline design, and assessments of hydrology, biology, fisheries, sediments, and more.

Water Quality Trading & Environmental Markets

Nationally recognized for our dedication to developing and institutionalizing water quality trading in the United States, K&A works with federal and state agencies, municipalities, industry, agricultural organizations, mitigation bankers, and non-profits to develop frameworks and pilot trades for environmental markets.

Stormwater Solutions

K&A works with municipalities, drain commissioners, educational institutions, communities, developers, and non-profit organizations to address stormwater management needs, conducting stormwater studies and implementing projects to reduce the effects of stormwater on the environment.

Environmental Engineering, Restoration, & Design

K&A provides innovative environmental engineering and design related to stormwater permitting, flood mitigation, protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat, curbing pollution, and more. K&A staff works with municipalities, universities, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to restore natural areas, benefit local environments, and help clients meet their restoration goals.

Modeling & GIS

K&A provides modeling and GIS services related to agricultural management practice scenarios, fate and transport modeling, georeferenced mapping, Monte Carlo Simulations, spatial analysis using GIS build-out and loading models, statistical analysis, water quality and quantity modeling such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and the Long-term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (L-THIA), and more.

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

K&A works with private and public facilities to ensure regulatory compliance and assist with regulatory permitting, including groundwater discharge permits, NPDES permitting, and stormwater permitting. K&A staff also assists with industrial facilities management, landfill sampling and monitoring, site-specific health and safety planning, site closures, wastewater management, and more.

Other Services

K&A provides a wide variety of services. Learn about our other services & contact us for further detail.